Tuesday, October 02, 2007

OUR WEEKEND.........
We had a busy weekend but fun=). Friday night we went eat at Goal Post. I had a roast beef poboy and dad had a shrimp poboy. Mine was super good. I had extra gravy so it was very sloppy and finger licking good.

Saturday,dad worked until 2:00. I went to Chloes' soccer game in the morning. After dad knocked off we got ready and went to mass. Afterwards we went to Houma and ate at Applebees with Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Darline. We went to Sams to get some peanut butter for my fudge and then to Academy to get a gift certificate for Logans(11 on the 1st) birthday.Laine picked out something for Hunter.(4 on the 9th)Hunter,dad and Bethanys' birthday are all on the 9th.

Sunday we slept until about 9:00 and then went to Logan and Hunters' birthday party. Laine had to go help out for biddy basketball and Corey had volleyball so we kept Chloe and Owen after the party. We went back to Houma because dad wanted to get some corn(for the lease) at Academy and he also got new tennis shoes to go on our vaction. After we went bring the kids to Chucky Cheese. We had fun playing the games with them and watching them play=). We didn't rack up on too many tickets(68) so they didn't get too much.

This weekend coming Kayne wants dad to cook some jambalya and hot wings at the LSU game. So I guess we are going tailgating. We don't have tickets to the game and don't plan on getting any because I am sure they would be too expensive. I am sure Kayne will try to get one. Kayne isn't sure how many are coming join us. Somebody else is going to barbeque. Hopefully the weather will be good.

I forgot to tell you dad bought another 4 wheeler. The old was giving trouble and he thought it would just be better to get another one. He gave the other one back to Corey to fix but when he took it, it ran fine for now. It is better to use the 4 wheeler than to mess up his truck going back and forth to his deer stand. I told him Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas=) for a few years.

Well, I'll close for now. Take Care!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

How do you like my new blog changes? I did it all by myself=). The kids are still sleeping but not for much longer. I only have 3 so far. The other 5 will be here in about a half hour from school. The baby,Emma, is up and I am trying to write with her in my arms. I commented on your blog (CT) "I will not Fear". You probably heard that hymn before. Chloe is doing great in school. When they get back from school they want to play school. Chloe is the teacher. I have to stop because the kids woke up and the others came back from school.

It is almost 10:00 p.m. now. This weekend dad is going to help put new floors in Michelle's trailor. The old floors are bad off. Hopefully the weather doesn't stop us. Daddy deceided not to do the sleep test for now. He is doing alot better. He doesn't sleep as much so I think the meds he is taking is helping him.

It won't be long before we go on our trip. We are excited. Just wish it would have worked out that you would be there. I have it worked out with all my kids parents while we are gone. Chloe and Owen will stay with Corey's mom. She will stay at their house and put Chloe on the bus then be there to take her off. She took some vacation time.

So far everything is going well with the chyropractor and physical therapist. Dad hasn't started yet with the PT but will in 2 weeks from now.

I had an Aloette Show 2 weeks ago but she still hasn't closed it yet.So far its at about $600.00. She should be closing it by this weekend. There weren't any bookings though=(. One girl that is in our franchise made right under $19,000 last month!!! I would be happy with $1,000.00 a month.She is getting a Mercedes car in December. The company buys her the car and also pays the insurance and regular maintanance.
When she gets to a certain milage, I forgot what amount, she gets another one.

I don't know how often I'll be posting on my blog. Time just seems to be going faster and faster. I just can't seem to get ahead. During the day I try to do some but it is hard with the kids there. At night I can't stay up as late as I use to or stay up when dad leaves to go to work. I know I need to get back in a routine of at least staying up when dad leaves. Next week I want to start walking again. At our Aloette meeting Monday night, our franchise leader said we must first dicipline ourselves to achieve our goals then it becomes a habit and then it gets to the point where we crave it. It really is all about how you put yourself in the right frame of mind.

As we get older, I quess it seems to get harder to get yourself out of a rut. What we really need to do is to focus on thanking God that we are still able to make choices in that we can do what is needed to be done. Between babysitting, making fudge, being active in Church, helping out for religion class, doing some Aloette business, keeping up our home and family life, I keep pretty active and I feel there is still more I would like to do. Like take time to read books and just relax sometimes without thinking about what I should be doing instead.

Well, thats it for now.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Busy Week

I had something every night for Holy Week besides my normal daily babysitting etc. Holy Monday our Choir sang for our Living Way of the Cross. Other people in our church played the parts of the key characters. Holy Tues. and Holy Wed. we had practice for Holy Thurs.,Good Fri. and Holy Sat. We sang at St. Marys' in Raceland for Thurs. and Sat. In Lockport for Good Friday. I also went to mass Tues. and Wed. morning. It was quite an expierence to be able to do this. It gave me a sense of great inner peace. No one must forget what Jesus did for us.
Good Friday we went to the Passion Play put on by the Victory Life church. It was awesome. Everytime we go they change it a little. We wanted to bring Chloe but Laine thought she was too young, maybe so. There were many little ones there but they may not have really understood what was going on.

Good Friday dad and I went to Miss. to get his tractor. We left about 6:00 and got back about 1:30 in time for me get ready for church. Then Sat. I went with some other women to Miss. again.We left about 7:00 and got back around 3:30. Holy Sat. mass wasn't until 8:00.that night. We went to a meeting for a skin care seminar. It's called Aloette. Laine had a party one Sat. so I deceided to maybe try to become a consultant to earn more money. I don't have as many kids to babysit for so I figure that I could try this and work around my babysitting. I hope it works out. There are alot of women that are earning more than they do with a full time job. One of them (Tamaira) guit teaching school to go full time in this. Full time is just 15 hours a week.It is a good product being Alovera is the main ingredient. It doesn't have any harash chemicals and uses natural ingredients.

Easter Sunday we went to mass and dad barbqued.Shawn,Dawn,Laine and their families came.We had a nice day. The littles ones had a egg hunt. I made a mistake and put chocolate in the eggs and it turned out to be hot so the candy melted.
Like usual we had alot of leftovers even after everyone brought some home for
Aunt Gee and Uncle Buck came for supper.

So as you see I had a very busy week but it was worth every minute.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Tuesday Poppee and I had a full day. We went eat a small breakfast at McD because we had a doctor's appt. at 10 o'clock and then another at 1 o'clock so we'd have lunch early. Well of course it didn't turn out that way. After our doctors appt. at 10 the truck wouldn't start. We called Corey (son-in-law) to bring some new battery cables that was left on our table at home,which was going to be changed when we got back. We have been having trouble with the truck for awhile and the mechanic said we needed to change the cables. At first the wrong cables were ordered so he couldn't change them on the weekend. While waiting for Corey, he wiggled the cables for awhile and got the truck started. We called Corey and said we would go home to change them. He finished in enough time to make our 1 o'clock appt. We had to wait 20 min. because they were at lunch.

The first doc said he didn't need surgery on his elbow in which he fell on and chipped his bone. The second appt. was with a hearing aid tech. Poppee has been having hearing problems for a long time. He tried hearing aids a long time ago but he couldn't stand them because of the background noises. The tech said the new ones now a days were computerized and work a lot better. The cost is 6,000.00 but if it helps him to hear better its worth it. Its hard to have to keep repeating everything and when you do he tells me you don't have to yell. We went outside to try it in one ear. He could hear the birds sing, the radio in the truck,the car passing on a nearby street and hear me talk to him all at the same time. That might seem nothing to most people, but not for him.He should be getting them in about 2 weeks. We will be able to play the tv at a lower volume and talk to him easier. I'm sure that its been hard on him all these years because when I'm having a talk with someone else he couldn't hear so I'd have to repeat everything to him.

Now that we have grandchildren and small neices and nephews, he will be able to hear them and that means alot to him. Sometimes later on he might wish to not hear some of their whining that goes on but thats part of their personality. I really can't wait until they do get out of that stage but really they do it more with their parents than with us.

The rest of our day was nice. We went to a couple of relgious shops. We bought Chloe a cross chain and an angel braclet. She saw me wearing some relgious jewelry last time we went to church and she said she wanted some too. We will give her that for Easter. We also went to a shop and bought her a jewelry box with a ballerina dancing to the tune of Somewhere Over the Rainbow for her dance recital in May. I called
Shawn to let her know about the nice things there and she,Michelle,Jamie and Dawn and the kids were coming to the mall to eat.We met them at Cucos. We never ate there so we didn't know what to order. We picked a shrimp and a chicken pasta dish. They turned out to be very good. We had a good time. We were tired and went to bed not long after we got home.

Chloe and Owen are the only ones here right now.They are taking their nap. I had two others but they have already left. Owen was a little cranky today. I hope he is not coming down with something or getting spoiled. He loves when his Poppee or Nonk are home to play with him. When he sees them he crawls right to them so they could take him. Laine just called to see if we could keep both of them and bring to the Way of The Cross with us tonight while she does a few things around the house when she gets back from work. Poppee didn't work today.If we would have known

we would have made the appts. today instead of him missing another day of work. I hope that things pick up at work soon and he at least works 5 days a week.

Well,I have to go,its almost 3o'clock, and they will be waking up and my afternoon kids will be coming off the bus. Also I have to fold some clothes that I washed for Coreys' mom and dad before they come pick them up.


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Today I just had 4 kids to take care of. Chloe,Owen,Kyla and Kaydi. Kaydi started digging in my cabinets today. She doesn't like you to take her away from her mission.She gets real upset but she soon goes on another mission that I have to rescue her from. When I was changing Kaydi this afternoon,Owen decided he wanted to climb over her. I took him off but he'd turn around and come right back.
Chloe and Kyla pretended to go shopping. They asked Kayne and I if we needed anything. They brought back whatever Kayne wanted. I didn't hear what he told them he needed. I told them I didn't need anything at Wal-Mart but I did need to mail something and I wasn't sure how much it would cost. Chloe said not to worry she had a credit card. She came back and said it cost 5.00. Their moms gave them some credit cards.(The ones you get when they want to apply for one.) I told them not to put too much on the card so they could pay the bill when it comes in. Chloe said she knows that and she pays her bills when they come in. Kyla said me too. They act so serious when they say these things so you try not to laugh at them. Who knows those two may become actresses!!

I had a call last night from R.., Cajun Tigers' best friend B..'s wife, to ask if I could babysit for them when she goes back to work,in August. Also someone called me today to see if I could take care of their little boy. I'm so glad because I'll be losing a few kids soon. God works in mysterious ways sometimes. Ever since I started babysitting,whenever I would lose some, I would get some more. I don't advertise,its just by people I babysat for giving my name to others.

B..,if you didn't read my comment on the other blog, I said thanks and you're welcome. I sure do miss those days. Now that I might be taking care of your little boy, at least I'll get to see you'll more.
The end of the month already. Time seems to go by faster as you get older. It 's going to be four years in August that I've been babysitting. I will miss Kyla next year, when she goes to school full time in Raceland and I won't be having Kaydi either,Jamie, (their mom) told me today so I'll miss her to.I'll still see them for our family get togethers and visits. I'm glad Chloe isn't going to school for at least another year and a half.

This weekend we(dad and I) are going do some work at my Paran Bucks house. Now that he and Aunt Gee are living in grandpas' house,they tore down the rest of the patio that wasn't damaged by the storm and will build a new room.That will keep us busy every weekend for awhile.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Well, now it is my quiet time. My little ones are taking their afternoon nap. I have 7 of them today. Three nephews,Landyn-2 yrs.,Hunter M.-2 yrs., Hunter G.-3 yrs., 2 neices,Kyla-3 yrs.,Kadie-1 yr.(sisters), 2 grandchildren, Chloe-3 yrs. and Owen 7 mths. old. They can be a hand full sometimes. Kyla and Chloe get along good most of the time but there are times they get into arguements. You should hear some of the things they talk about just being 3 yrs. old. They talk about boy friends, going shopping at Wal-Mart, and make as if they're talking on the phone having the biggest conversations. They know so much now a days that I wonder what its going to be like when they become teenagers.Ha HA!! I hope the years don't go to fast by and I'm here to be there for them.

They both are in dancing and are doing well.They like to as they say "shake their bootty." Chloe is the oldest of all the ones I take care of, and she is always showing me how she is bigger and taller by standing next to them and trying to pick them up. She thinks she is the boss. She tells them what they can do and how to do whatever they are playing. Kyla and Chloe's biggest arguements come when they come tell me that one or the other doesn't want to play with or be their best friend. They can only have one friend at at time. I'm trying to break them from that and tell them you can have alot of friends at one time. It works for a little while, but not for long.

The boys usually go along with whatever the girls want to do but sometimes they argue and get their way. The boys tend to want to have whatever the other ones have, and instead of asking for their turn they just snatch it away from the other and say thats mine. They share better then they use to.
They all have such different personalities. When I put Landyn in time out or fuss, he gets mad. He puts his head down,stomps his feet and makes a face like I did't do nothing. I get on him for that so he can get out of that habit. Its funny how they don't listen when their moms come pick them up. They always tell me they don't see how I get them to do things that they won't do for them. Kids are too smart. It is sad but I really think they know what they are doing and they like agravating there parents. Maybe its because they feel they are abandoning them and are trying to get back at them. It is hard now a days to make ends meet unless both parents are working.
Hunter M. most times when you fuss him says one of the others did it. Hunter G. just plays it cool like Huh I didn't do nothing.
Kyla and Chloe like to whine alot when things don't go their way. One day they'll get out of that.

All and all they can be the sweetest kids and do whatever you ask of them.It is fun to hear some of the things they come out with. I love them all and enjoy having them here but at the end of the day sometimes it is time for them to go to have some peace and quiet.

One thing that I wonder about is how Chloe, being so young, knows that I'm her Meme even though most of them call me that also.She always tells them thats my meme.
She loves to come to church with us to see Jesus. I hope she continues to have a interest in knowing about Jesus.I help her say her prays when she sleeps over. One night Laine(her mom) said she asked her to say her prayers with her.Laine said she started to say God bless---Chloe said no mom not like that,so Laine started saying the Our Father and she said thats it mom. Also they went to the store and Chloe wanted the red gum in the gum machine. Laine said she couldn't promise her she'd get that one,well she did.Chloe looked up to the ceiling and said thank you Jesus because her mom said she had to ask Jesus for his help to get the red one.

Owen is the only little one I have had trouble with about digging except for Kaydi. With Kaydi I didn't have to pick up stuff but with Owen I had too because he just keeps going back. I had to pick up breakable stuff so he won't hurt himself.
Well thats it for now. The kids are up. I have to tend to supper which is just some gumbo from the freezer. I have choir practice on Monday and tuesday nights now during lent. Some of our choir memembers are singing for Holy Thursday and Holy

Saturday at St.Marys' church in Raceland and at Holy Savior (our church) Good Friday.When I get back I have to make 2 batches of fudge. I made 2 last night after practice.

Friday, March 24, 2006

I always wanted to write my thoughts. I never really fooled with a computer before my son went to Iraq to work. To keep in touch I needed to learn how to use email and go on his blogspot. Family is very important to me. I have 2 sons,a daughter and 2 grandchildren(a girl 4 and a boy 6 mths). They mean the world to me. My boys are 30 and 32. My daughter is 27. My husband and I have been married for nearly 33 years in June. I have had many ups and downs in my lifetime. My faith in God has kept me going. I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters,all younger them me. Our mother died in November of last year.She had a hard time raising us because she was slow in understanding and was childlike herself. Our dad was no help because of the way he treated her and us. He had and still does have alot of self pride. He could never admit that he was wrong about what he said or did. Somehow we all survived and grew up and have families of our own. My mo and dad separated 29 years ago. Almost 3 years after my last 2 sisters were born (twins). My husband and I took my mom,brother and twins in until my grandfather (moms' dad) helped them buy a trailer of their own but my grandfather and I took care of things for them. We lived in the same family neighborhood until we built our knew home in town. I have took over the Mother role for my family in a way. We have taken in my sisters and brothers in and the ones that had families to help them out in their or need until they could get back on their feet. We have also taken a couple of my sisters' boys also. I guess you' d call me the caregiver of our family. When our mom got sick, we took her in and took care of her until she died. Her father and mother(my grandparents) died in 1990 (grandmother) and 1996(grandfather).That was hard on me because they were always there for me during my rough times growing up. About 12 years ago our family was torn apart for awhile because of something that happened. I was devastated but I knew because of my children and husband I had to go on. When my daughter got married things turned around and they forgave and we began to be a family again. That meant the world to me. I keep saying we because I mean my husband and I. He has never through all these years denied me of helping my family.Not too many husbands would do that. He has his faults that makes things hard sometimes,but I know he loves me with all his heart so I overlook them. Sometimes its hard because I do alot for him to keep things together so he does't have to worry. He gets depressed and sometimes I think to myself he shouldn't because he has it made compared to many. He has always worked hard and we seem not to be able to get ahead but with the good Lords' help everything seems to work out.I am in our churches choir and do the readings in church. I'm Catholic but I believe that there is only one God and Savior and if you believe the same thing then who am I to judge you because you are in a different religion.I have been going to church 4 days a week during lent and on Sundays and praying alot for my family.Especially for my son in Iraq.Not only because he is over there but just before he left a relationship he had (engagement)was broken off because of something from his pass. He loves her dearly and is very hurt but has alot of faith and hopes one day they will be back together. When my children hurt, so do I. My middle son still lives at home. There are things he needs to change in his life and I pray someday soon he will see that also. Our daughter is happily married now 5 years in June and have our 2 grandchildren. They are something else. I babysit them and other neices and nephews while their parents work. Its hard sometimes because my patience isn't like it use to be, but I love doing this and teaching them values and things they' ll need to start school. I wanted to be a teacher, so now I'm doing it at home with my family. I pray everyday for my little ones and family members because this world is in such turmoil I fear for their future. I hope through my example I can continue helping them. I am for from perfect but I know everyone knows they can count on my help whenever they need it. Well, I guess thats all for now. I'm here to listen to anyone who needs help and if I can't help with advice at least you know I will pray for you and be there to listen anytime.